Competition and Showcases

STEAMsport, Inc. strongly believes in increasing our students’ exposure through participating in STEAM competitions. This gives our students an opportunity to showcase their new STEAM skills as well as interact with other students that have similar STEAM interests.

Competitions STEAMsport, Inc. students participate in include:

STEAMsport, Inc. Educational Support Program services including individual tutoring, academic equipment/supplies and supportive service referrals.

FIRST LEGOLeague Challenge

The FIRST LEGO League Challenge is an international competition organized by FIRST for elementary and middle school students. Students are introduced to a scientific and real-world challenge for teams to focus and research on. The robotics part of the competition involves designing and programming LEGO MINDSTORMS robots to complete tasks. The students work out a solution to a problem related to the theme (changes every year) and then meet for regional, national, and international tournaments to compete, share their knowledge, compare ideas, and display their robots.

FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics Competition

The FIRST Tech Challenge is a robotics competition for students in grades 7–12 to compete, head to head, by designing, building, and programming a robot to compete in an alliance format against other teams. The competition consists of local and regional qualifiers and the world championship, the FIRST Championship, and in every season, a kickoff is held to showcase the season’s theme and game. After the kickoff, robots are designed, built, and programmed by teams. Teams are encouraged to conduct outreach in their communities. Participants are eligible to apply for over $80M in college scholarships.

SeaPerch Underwater Robotics Competition

SeaPerch Underwater Robotics Competition is where students test their ROV vehicles, deploy them on missions, and compete against other students. The competition is a one-day district-wide competition in which students are given the opportunity to take what they have learned throughout the curriculum to the next level. The challenge fosters an end goal, rewards sportsmanship, spirit, and design skills, as well as mastery of the concepts.

BDPA High School Computer Coding Competition

The BDPA National High School Computer Competition, (HSCC), was founded in 1986 by Dr. Jesse Bemley, of Washington, D.C. What started as a two-team event between Washington, D.C., and Atlanta, GA has grown to over 30 teams of various high school students from chapters throughout the nation. It’s all designed to introduce our youth to the field of Information Technology, encourage them to seek higher levels of education, and groom many of them to become our next generation of IT professionals. Students also receive scholarships and internships.

Lights, Camera, Fashion Media and Fashion Showcase

STEAMsport, Inc’s internal media and fashion showcase offers students an opportunity to display their media creations including video, photography, video game projects along with fashion creations. Student projects are presented to a panel of judges for exposure and prizes.

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