Educational Support Programs

STEAMsport, Inc. believes in an holistic approach to supporting our students. We understand that in order to provide STEAM learning that will lead to post-secondary education and careers we have to not only support the student, we have to support the entire family.

STEAMsport, Inc. Educational Support Program services including individual tutoring, academic equipment/supplies and supportive service referrals.

Individual Student Tutoring

Students in K Through 12

Students K-12th are provided virtual tutoring once per week in the areas of math, language arts and science. Students are paired with college students that will serve as tutors as well as mentors.

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Academic Equipment and Supplies

STEAMsport, Inc. understands the importance of student’s having adequate equipment and supplies to support learning. This is why we partnered with local and national organizations to provide our students in need with equipment including laptops as well as academic supplies.

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Supportive Services Referrals

In order to achieve our goal of increasing the number of minorities with careers in a STEAM related industry, we must first decrease barriers to student success. This also includes family barriers including home, health and safety.

STEAMsport, Inc. employs Educational Support Specialist to provide consistent support and needed services referrals to our families. These include rent and utility assistance, behavior health and food referrals just to name a few.

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We realize that STEAM programming and competitions are extremely costly and many of our families can’t afford to pay. This does not stop our mission of ensuring children from underserved communities have the same opportunities to explore the wonderful world of STEAM as families who have the ability to pay for such engagement.

Please help us continue to provide these much-needed services for free by donating to our cause. Equality Begins With Education!!