STEAMsport Resources

Listed below are great resources for students interested in STEAM. Many of these sources are partners who help students pursue post-secondary education and STEAM careers.

Black Data Processors Association

Black Data Processors Association (BDPA) is an international organization with a diverse membership of professionals and students at all levels in the fields of information technology, computer science and related S.T.E.M fields. Members are actively engaged in serving the community through outreach and charting the future of the IT industry.


Black Cybersecurity Association

BCA is a welcoming and inclusive non-profit organization focused on building community, mentorship, and job opportunities for underrepresented minorities in the cybersecurity space. Our specific mission is to increase the level of visibility, mentorship, and representation of minority cybersecurity professionals.

Technology Association of Georgia

TAG’s mission is to Connect, Promote, Influence and Educate Georgia’s technology ecosystem to advance the innovation economy. Through those four foundational pillars TAG serves the technology community, helping to support, grow and ignite tech leaders, companies and the overall Georgia economy.

National Society of Black Engineers

The mission of the National Society of Black Engineers is “to increase the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community.”

Corella & Bertram F. Bonner Foundation

The Bonner Scholar Program provides scholarship money that allows students who would otherwise be working part-time to invest the same amount of time in community service. The foundation later created the Bonner Leaders program in order to engage additional student leaders.

Georgia Tech CEISMC

The Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics and Computing (CEISMC) is a unit within the Office of the Provost at Georgia Tech. CEISMC serves as the primary connection point between Georgia Tech faculty and students and the preK-12 STEM education community.

Technologist of Color

Established in May of 2012, Technologists of Color is a passionate collection of professionals from the information technology arena. We understand the influence of technology on everything from the food we eat to the way we spend money. We want to make sure that African-Americans are among our nation’s technology influencers and policy decision-makers.

The community we form is committed to building the African American tech community in Atlanta. We share skills and knowledge to support and assist in the advancement of African Americans in information technology. Our primary goal is to connect tech professionals, entrepreneurs, “newbies” as well as “career changers” so that they can share knowledge, resources and opportunities. We strive to inform and educate the community to help increase African American participation in this rapidly growing world of technology. ToC has steadily grown to become a valued voice in the African-American technology scene – and that growth is only just beginning.

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