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6 hours ago

STEAMsport, Inc.

An awesome day, with awesome students! Our students completed competition where they showcased their underwater robot. To learn more, visit #UnderwaterRobot #Robotics #Science #STEAM #Engineering #Youth #Technology #Atlanta #Georgia #Competition ...

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3 days ago

STEAMsport, Inc.

Our students showing complete focus at they maneuver their ROV(remote-operated-vehicle). They worked hard and did extremely went day of competition. To learn more, visit #Youth #Robots #Robotics #STEAM #UnderwaterRobot #Engineering #Science #Technology ...

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California’s fires are getting bigger and harder to predict. This is a thread about what the complex math of fire modeling tells us about the future of the state’s forests.

Scientists with the Oceans Melting Greenland mission have discovered that glaciers in Greenland’s deep fjords account for nearly half of all ice loss (as previously monitored by satellites):

Can we computationally identify the mechanism which decides which genes express themselves in a cell? CSE Assistant Prof @XiuweiZhang received a 3-year $400k @NSF grant that aims to answer this very question.

Read more at the link below to find out how:

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We realize that STEAM programming and competitions are extremely costly and many of our families can’t afford to pay. This does not stop our mission of ensuring children from underserved communities have the same opportunities to explore the wonderful world of STEAM as families who have the ability to pay for such engagement.

Please help us continue to provide these much-needed services for free by donating to our cause. Equality Begins With Education!!