The STEAMsport Story

The STEAMsport Story

STEAMsport, Inc. began as a group of 5 public housing students wanting to learn how to program robots. This led to weekly learning sessions and ultimately the students competing in the FIRST LEGO League Robotics Competition in 2010. As the students began to apply hands-on learning, their interest and attitude toward STEAM concepts increased along with their math and science grades.

STEAMsport, Inc. continued to reach out to students in underserved communities realizing that there are several barriers to quality STEAM education in underserved communities. This includes socio-economics, transportation, equipment, and quality instruction. To overcome this, STEAMsport, Inc. took STEAM education to the students at public housing communities, local community centers, urban schools, and Boys and Girls Clubs.

We have now served over 2,000 students providing over 9 STEAM disciplines and hosted 3 STEAM competitions. STEAMsport, Inc. believes that by making quality STEAM programming available to everyone we can develop the next generation of great American technologists.


We realize that STEAM programming and competitions are extremely costly and many of our families can’t afford to pay. This does not stop our mission of ensuring children from underserved communities have the same opportunities to explore the wonderful world of STEAM as families who have the ability to pay for such engagement.

Please help us continue to provide these much-needed services for free by donating to our cause. Equality Begins With Education!!